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Hi!  I’m Melissa King of Honey Bee Wellness. I’m so excited that you’re here visiting my website!  My name, Melissa, means honeybee in Greek which inspired the name of my business, Honey Bee Wellness. Our philosophy was inspired by the determination of bees who, physically shouldn't be able to fly because their bodies are too heavy for the size of their wings, but they do it anyway. I want to live and inspire you to live an abundant life no matter what obstacles come our way. It’s not always easy or fun but honeybees don’t care that their body is too heavy, they find a way to fly.

In 2012, I met my husband, Scot, and before I knew it I was on a brand new primal journey in my life. Scot introduced me to the primal/paleo community and I slowly started to implement these new lifestyle habits. When I started changing my lifestyle habits I noticed an improvement in my mood. My anxiety levels were lowered and my depression kicked in less often. I was amazed at how making small simple lifestyle changes could make such a significant difference in taking control of my anxiety and depression. After experiencing this first hand I knew I wanted to share these methods with other people and teach them how to implement them into their lives.

My number one goal with Honey Bee Kitchen is to be of service to YOU to the best of my ability with my knowledge, expertise, and personal experience. My number two goal is to create a community of support, encouragement, and inspiration to guide you in your journey toward an abundant life.  I will be your cheerleader and coach throughout your journey.

Here are a few fun facts about me:

  • I LOVE dark chocolate, I eat it everyday!

  • I lick the butter wrapper after I put a new stick of grass-fed butter on the butter dish. I know it sounds weird but it tastes so good and I don't like seeing delicious and nutritious food go to waste.

  • My favorite place to go is the beach. I love the smell of the ocean water and walking barefoot on the sand!

  • I walk around barefoot any chance I get.


Thanks again for visiting my website!  I welcome any feedback! Just send me an e-mail at melissa@honeybee.kitchen and I'll get back to you within 48 hours.

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