At Honey Bee Wellness, were focused on building and maintaining a healthy primal lifestyle for ourselves and our families while educating and inspiring you to do the same.  Here you will find tips and inspiration in all areas of your life: physical health, mental health, work, play, sleep, diet and more.


Coaching Client Testimonials

Melissa was knowledgeable and full of good ideas to overcome challenges. She was great with ideas for me and helped to solve some of the problems I had. Good ideas and very knowledgeable.
— Judy
Melissa was a terrific coach. She leads by example. She’s encouraging and positive. Best of all, she asks helpful questions that invite reflection. The food plan is a do-able lifestyle plan. I love smoothie recipe. The printed visuals are helpful - like the plate and the positivity tracker. I loved that we spent significant time at the beginning formulating our personal “Why.” Affirmations were helpful and key. I would have liked to have seen a revisit of visualization and affirmations later in the program. The weekly zoom calls were great through creating positive momentum and teaching subject matter. The power point on sleep was very instructive. I loved the power points.
— Amy
Melissa was fantastic. She was really kind and motivational, and I felt like she had some really great ideas. In addition, I think she did a good job not having us go from 0 to 100 and helped us make small, foundational changes that were sustainable. I thought the format (one group session/individual sessions) was really helpful too - the group sessions were a bit more motivational, whereas the individual sessions let you really delve into questions and reflect on what you could personally do. The facebook group was also a real bonus - it was really awesome seeing how everyone else was doing and having that peer support as well.
— Kate
Brenda Lubin Photo.jpg.png
After high school, I allowed my eating habits to get out of control. I gained a lot of weight and lost all confidence in myself. I was embarrassed to hangout with old friends, I hated being in pictures, and feared running into people from my past. I also feared for my health, having a family history of heart problems. At my peak, I hit 222 pounds in August 2016. I went on a family vacation to Las Vegas and I was so embarrassed by how I looked in the pictures, I started looking for help. Luckily, I found Melissa King and thanks to her amazing health coaching and support, and the support of friends and family, I was able to shed 50 pounds in just a few months and get back down to a healthy weight. This picture shows how I looked in August 2016 vs yesterday.
— Brendan